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Providence Trading
Capital Partners

Fuel for Owner-Operated Companies

Key Differentiators

First and foremost: Investment Criteria. 

Rarely, but very rarely, are investors willing to consider investing in businesses doing less than $1M in EBITDA.



Companies making less than $500,000 (in revenue or profit) very often have the owner inextricably tied to running the business on a daily basis.  Most investors shy away from getting involved with small businesses as they don’t want to “buy themselves a job”. 

Owners appreciate the “mortgage the house” levels of personal guarantees operating a business takes. The long hours and meeting payroll can induce anxiety.  We get that and we’re here to help companies operating “below the line".  We work from a collaborative model which gets owners the support they need to achieve the scale they desire, meanwhile growing value for everyone involved.  

As long as you’ve been in business 2 years and have operating profits of $250,000….we’re ready to see if there’s a match.

Investment Criteria

We invest in owner-operated companies, generating at least $250,000 of EBITDA profits.

Most other firms don't dip below $1M.

Industry Professionals

Our team of investors, partners, and advisors have all run business as owners and multiplied value as investors.

Growth Platform

A proven path providing a deep pool of resources, leveraging best practices for measurable and rapid growth.  


PTCP invests in firms with at least $250,000 SDE (Seller Discretionary Earnings i.e. profits, plus owner salary and add-backs), being in business for at least 2 years, with topline revenue of at least $500,000 and at least 5 employees.

Our Portfolio

Providence Trading Capital Partners is an innovative investment firm providing high-value services to its clients. We specialize in assisting owner-operated businesses, by providing creative structures, resources, and strategic solutions. We understand that while businesses in technology and landscaping sectors may appear to be very different on the surface, they often bare similar traits - especially when owner-operated.  Owners of small businesses are often “wearing multiple hats” or “spinning many plates”. Through our platform companies, our team serves up meaningful solutions that provide owners paths to scale - with a direct impact on both the top and bottom line, as well as long-term value.


We get to know each other through a series of three non-committal exploratory calls, to determine the fit in working together.  And, through that process, develop a plan of working together in a joint partnership/investment.

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