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Why Landscapers Partner with Blade Partners

At Blade Partners, we specialize in nurturing owner-operated landscaping firms into thriving, self-sustaining enterprises. With our comprehensive suite of shared services tailored to the unique needs of the landscaping industry, we empower businesses to amplify their operations revenue and maximize profits. Here's how we do it:

1. Operations & Delivery Excellence:

  • Streamlining processes for efficient management and execution.

  • Leveraging industry best practices to enhance service quality and consistency.

  • Optimizing resource allocation to boost productivity and minimize costs.


2. Customer Experience Enhancement:

  • Crafting personalized experiences to foster long-term client relationships.

  • Implementing innovative solutions to exceed customer expectations.

  • Driving customer loyalty and referral business through exceptional service delivery.


3. Employee Engagement Initiatives:

  • Providing training and development programs to upskill workforce capabilities.

  • Cultivating a positive work culture that promotes employee satisfaction and retention.

  • Offering competitive compensation packages and incentives to attract and retain top talent.


4. Back Office Support:

  • Handling administrative tasks such as billing, invoicing, and payroll management.

  • Implementing robust business management systems to ensure operational excellence, efficiency and impressive customer service.

  • Offering scalable solutions to accommodate business growth without added operational burden.

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How Does Blade Deliver On the Promise...

 Our innovative operating model is designed to fuel the expansion of companies generating between $500,000 and $2 million annually by an impressive 20% each year.

Here's how our partnership model works:

1. No Equity Position: Unlike traditional investment firms, Blade Partners does not seek equity stakes in the companies we support. Instead, we operate on a revenue-sharing basis, ensuring alignment of interests and mutual success.


2. Revenue-Based Pricing*: We charge a nominal fee of 2% of revenue for our shared services. This fee structure ensures that our services remain accessible and affordable for our partner firms while still enabling us to deliver exceptional value.


3. Success Fee upon Exit: In addition to the revenue-based fee, we also institute a success fee of 20% on the deal value when a partner company is eventually sold. This incentivizes us to actively contribute to the long-term growth and success of our partners.


Shared Services Offered:
  • Outsourced Customer Service: Providing unparalleled customer support to enhance client satisfaction and retention.

  • Marketing Assistance: Crafting strategic marketing campaigns to drive brand visibility and attract new customers.

  • Office Administration Support: Handling administrative tasks efficiently to free up time for core business activities.

  • Business Management Systems: Implementing robust systems and processes to optimize operations and facilitate scalability.

  • Peer Group Involvement: Facilitating peer group meetings to foster collaboration, knowledge sharing, and industry insights.

  • Leadership and Employee Development: Offering comprehensive training and educational programs to empower leaders and nurture talent.

* NOTE: As an alternative to the partnership model outlined above, firms may choose to participate as affiliates. Affiliated companies will have access to the same suite of shared services but will pay for them on a cost-plus basis, rather than through revenue-sharing arrangements.

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Utilizing Existing Offerings...

 Rather than staffing and building expensive products and services in-house, Blade Partners leverages pre-existing offerings from the industry to service its partner companies.

Pre-Existing Systems Used

·         Business Management Software: Blade Partners will guide partner firms to products like YardBook, SingleOps, or LMN, depending on the size and nature of the business. These established software solutions offer comprehensive features tailored to the landscaping industry's needs.

·         Outsourced Customer Service: Organizations like Offshoot specialize in outsourced customer service solutions, providing reliable support to enhance client satisfaction and retention.

·         Peer Group Management: Facilities like Meet-Up or companies like ACEs are well-equipped to build and manage peer groups for networking, knowledge sharing, and industry insights among landscaping professionals.

·         Leadership Education and Growth: Online platforms dedicated to leadership education and growth, such as Grenius, offer a wealth of resources to empower leaders and nurture talent within partner companies.


Invest in Growth with Blade Partners:

Join us in our mission to empower landscaping businesses to reach their full potential. With Blade Partners as your strategic partner, you'll not only see impressive financial returns but also contribute to the success and prosperity of the landscaping industry.


Contact us today to explore opportunities and embark on a journey of mutual growth and success.

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