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Strong relationships with our portfolio companies

A Free Video to Explore the Approach...

Scaling landscaping companies in the Indiana-Ohio, Kentucky Tri-State Area.


What if you could expand the scale and value of your landscaping company, without all the hassle/investment.

As investors focused on the landscaping industry in the Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky region, we have a passion for empowering owner-operated firms. We understand the challenges of scaling a business in today's competitive environment.

But here's the thing – it takes more than just great lawn or machine maintenance to grow and succeed. 

We've seen partners build thriving businesses with large teams, and we want to share our expertise. Some love working in the field. Others love running operations, or maintaining equipment.  Few people love doing it all, personally.  Our approach spreads the knowledge and resources to help you excel in your area of interest.

Imagine a business with impact for generations to come. We know that every aspect of the landscaping industry plays a crucial role in growth, and that's why we've developed a comprehensive model tailored to unique skills of entrepreneurs.

Our team is here to offer strategic insights and practical solutions. We'll help you stand out in the competitive local market and expand your services to include hardscaping, lawn care, tree services, and more....


Together, we'll navigate the challenges of scaling business, ensuring you have the tools and knowledge to thrive.


Don't miss out on this opportunity to unlock your business's full potential.


Let's talk about taking landscaping to new heights.


Presented by Eric Nies,
Founding Partner @ PTCP.

Watch the video for an overview, to see if what we do might add new value to what you're thinking. 

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