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Are you in? Want to be part of one of the largest companies…?

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

Cincinnati is no slouch, that is for sure. We LOVE the Queen City. It has great companies like P&G, as well as major sports covered. It’s the launch pad for GOATs like Jonnie Bench and….PETE ROSE.

Beyond all that, we have great private companies like TQL.

Founded in 1997, Total Quality Logistics (TQL) is now #1 in the list of Cincinnati’s top 100 private companies. And they got there in just 20 years. Amazing! (See below)

So, hats off to them.

But what does TQL have to do with Landscaping in the Indiana Ohio and Kentucky Area?

Well, here’s one take on it!

We might not get to #1…but making the Top 100 List is certainly part of the plan. Are you in? Want to be part of Blade Partners & i-OK landscaping? – shaped to be a kind of TQL of the landscaping industry!

1 Total Quality Logistics

Years in 100: 19 Business: Freight brokerage Revenues 2021: $7.84 billion Revenues 2020: $4.14 billion Previous year rank: 1 2021 employees: 7,000 Headquarters: Union Township Website: Top executives: Ken Oaks, Kerry Byrne

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