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Getting to Scale

As the owner-operator of a landscaping firm, you are not alone as an entrepreneur working to unlock the secrets to scale, profits, and freedom.

Opportunity in the landscaping industry abounds, we see that every day with the number of new operators that take advantage of the low start-up costs and minimal barriers to entry. However, the number of those who remain blocked, unable to break through the follow-on barriers required for scale, are numerous. Many remain tied-up, giving all their time, effort and energy to what feels like their perpetual side-hustle.

However, on the other side, there plenty of companies who make it to the next level be that $1M, $3M or $10M…plenty of companies have figured out the “special sauce” which breaks growth loose providing both personal freedom and financial freedom from their business.

The key to scaling a landscaping business is found in growing it simultaneously on three different levels: the Operational Level (in the field); the Management Level (rolling out the right procedures and programs); Leadership Level (providing the capital, culture, and resources to enable the business).

If you’re an owner who grew your business organically, you know the drill at the front line. This video provides some insight to the next layers – with an indicator of the means and ways of scaling a business.

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