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In, On, and Above....

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

Ever feel like you never have enough time….? Don’t worry, you're not alone! In fact, most business owners feel like they are always up against the clock... If you got in business to get more personal and financial freedom, the daily grind "IN" the business might be one of the biggest roadblocks to achieving that reality... If you need to free up more time while continuing to grow your business and wealth, check out the video.

Most owners are working “IN” their business:

· Setting the Days’ Routings

· Managing Equipment

· Serving customers

· Ordering supplies

· Sending (and collecting) the invoices

These are “in the weeds” realities of daily operational tasks. There's a great book called, The E-Myth, that says you should not be working “IN” the business, you should be working ON” the business. This means spending your time on higher-level tasks, such as:

· Installing systems

· Creating Processes

· Automating Tasks

· Hiring Employees

· Delegating Work

· And so on...

Make sense? If so, did you check out the video…?

While working “ON” the business is a better use of time, the problem is that we’re still focused on selling, delivering, and servicing customers. This might help sales and the customer experience, which is important, but it does nothing to free your time. That’s why Blade Partners created i-OK Landscaping, as approach that will not only free up more of your time but also allow you to build your business and freedom much faster…build your business and freedom much faster…as you move to working ABOVE the business.

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